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We are profoundly sad to announce the death of our beloved PAC Partner, Dr. Eva Friedlander on 24 December 2015. Eva worked for many years on women's rights and disability issues. She lived in New York and represented the International Women's Anthropology Conference at the United Nations. Family, friends, and colleagues all mourn her passing.




PAC Partner, Dr. Suzanne Hanchett, has been contributing to blogs at the CLTS website on the many changes in the water-sanitation-hygiene sector. During the week of 10-13 January Suzanne attended sessions at the sixth South Asia Sanitation Conference (SACOSAN-VI) in Dhaka, Bangladesh.  She made two presentations, available   You can read her SACOSAN-VI blogs by clicking on the link to the CLTS website.

Link to two SACOSAN-VI presentations

CLTS website

Pictures from SACOSAN-VI

PAC Associates, Shireen Akhter, Tofazzel Hossain Monju, and Anwar Islam joined in a workshop hosted by IDS on 10 January at the beginning of SACOSAN-VI.



Gender Issues

Anthropological Approaches to Gender-based Violence, Sheila Dauer et al.

Embedding Anthropologists in the U.S. Military

"Army Enlists Anthropologists in War Zones," article by David Rohde in Ocetober 5, 2007, New York Times

Anthropologists in the military, cntd.

Ethics of spying: IUAES statement

Environmental Crises

The World's Ten Most Polluted Places

Governance Issues

Statement on Proposed Reform of International Financial System (2008 message to G20)

Female Ward Commissioners in Bangladesh

HIV-AIDS Prevention Curriculum: Women2Women

HIV-AIDS Prevention Curriculum: Women2Women

Hunger & Food Security

Appeal for funds to support Haitian relief work by Rights Action

"CARE Turns Down Federal Funds for Food Aid"

Improving Responses to Hunger in Southern Africa

Women, Food Security, and Nutrition in South Asia

Poverty and Other Social Issues

Lives of rich and poor in India (New York Times article, 2008)

Water and Sanitation

Global Sanitation Fund launched in 2008

Water Supply and Santation Collaborative Council (WSSCC) announcement: International Year of Sanitation

The Right to Water and Sanitation: Amnesty International Statement

Link to: World Water Day website

Link to World Water Week (Stockholm) website

Download: International Water and Sanitation Centre (IRC) World Water Day report

Download file: Strong Messages as World Water Week Ends (2007)

Sustainability of Sanitation in Bangladesh: 2010 conference paper

Sustainability of Sanitation in Bangladesh: powerpoint presentation (2010)

Programs and Pollution: Establishing Universal Sanitation Coverage in Bangladesh (Hanchett, 2011)

Programs and Pollution (2011): powerpoint

Bangladesh Arsenic Mitigation and Water Supply Project (BAMWSP)

Participatory Research at FRC

Positive Experience with Georgia Youth: An FRC Project

Download file: Georgia Youth

Post-9/11 Services for Filipino Women in New York City

Download file: Needed Services for Filipino Immigrant Women

Professional Activities & Field Notes

PAC at 2007 American Anthropological Assn meetings

A Peace Corps Volunteer's Early Weeks in Namibia

U.N. Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous People

Download file: Victory for Indigenous People

Book Review: "Confessions of an Economic Hit Man"

Click here to download book review